The Two Ways Jesus Gets Me Through My Hardest Days

  1. Come to him for rest.

1. Jesus is present with me.

King David, who had known both great success as well as great failure, pain, and loss, wrote the 139th Psalm, and right in the middle of it, he deals with his attempts to find a place where God is not present.

2. Jesus is patient with me.

Honestly, if Jesus were always present but also impatient, I think I might be miserable. Because I mess up a lot!

  • Zacchaeus the tax collector who cheated everyone around him.
  • The woman at the well, a Samaritan with five failed marriages.
  • The woman caught in the very act of adultery.
  • Peter after his denial of being Jesus’ disciple and friend.
  • Paul, who tried to snuff the church out of existence.

Loved by Jesus. In love with Angie & 3 kids! Pastor at Grace Hills. Passionate about the church, preaching, social justice, and mental health.

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